The European Polymer Federation

The EPF is an umbrella organization of national polymer societies.
The goal of the EPF is to co-ordinate and stimulate the activities of European countries in the areas of sciences, technology and applications of synthetic and natural macromolecules, and more specifically to encourage cooperation and advancement of education, research and development of polymer science and technology.

The EPF organizes biannual conferences held in the country of the current EPF Chairman.

History of the EPF Congresses:

2001, Prof. Piet Lemstra (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
2003, Prof. Ann-Christine Albertsson (Stockholm, Sweden)
2005, Prof. Alexei Khokhlov (Moscow, Russia)
2007, Prof. Majda Žigon (Portorose, Slovenia)
2009, Prof. Franz Stelzer (Graz, Austria)
2011, Prof. Julio San Roman (Granada, Spain)
2013, Prof. Giancarlo Galli (Pisa, Italy)
2015, Prof. Brigitte Voit (Dresden, Germany)
2017, Prof. Jean-François Gérard (Lyon, France)
2019, Prof. Spiros H. Anastasiadis (Heraklion, Greece)